Monday, August 10, 2015

iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 6: Comparison of display panels

Company MacManiack an overview front of the iPhone 6s, provided by an anonymous source from China. Component smartphone, was reportedly handed to one of the plant employees Foxconn.

Panel iPhone 6s looks almost the same as the panel iPhone 6. Thus, the assumption that the new generation of smart phone will look the same as its predecessor (by analogy with the iPhone 5s / 5 and iPhone 4s / 4), confirmed. We know that the next flagship Apple will focus on the technical characteristics, rather than on design innovations. Distinctive technology should be on-screen function Force Touch, which determines how much the user clicks on the display. Force Touch is already used in Apple Watch.

Before this, in early June it was reported that up to the end of August Foxconn will start mass production iPhone 6s, and a video display is confirmed. As the author notes, it shows the front panel of the device versions in black.

According to the company MacManiack, specializing in the repair of electronics, front panel sent from a personal source of China. They were unable to specify the technical characteristics of iPhone 6s, but noted that the screen has a different shape connector that confirms Force Touch. This Home button with built-in fingerprint scanner at the iPhone 6s integrated into the display panel, and not attached to the body alone, as the iPhone 6.

The new version of iPhone smartphones will be presented early next month. According to several sources, it will happen September 9. Among the innovations of iPhone 6s, in addition to the display Force Touch, insiders called processor A9, an advanced 12-megapixel camera and a faster connection LTE. It is noted that in the event Apple also may introduce new versions of Apple TV iPad and fourth generation.

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