Saturday, August 22, 2015

iPhone 6S will be 2 times more resistant from iPhone 6 (Video)

iPhone 6S has a casing which is 2 times more resistant than the iPhone 6 in a test done today, and this reveals that the device will be more difficult to bend, even when someone actually trying to do this.

Last week I saw the first case iPhone 6S in a video and nis told that it would be made of the aluminum 7000 already used in Apple Watch, which is more resistant, but apparently and lighter than the one used Enclosed iPhone in June.

Today the material used in the casing iPhone 6S was confirmed to be aluminum 7000 using a device called XRF analyzer, terminal housing with 92.8% aluminum and 6.1% say, and with a process of anodizing better it turns out to be more resistant.

iPhone 6S not bend easily, it is two times more resistant from iPhone 6

Under Dest done in clip, casing iPhone in June doubted that a pressure of 13kg is applied to it that while shell iPhone 6S withstand a pressure of about 36 kg and therefore almost three times higher, a sign that Apple seriously worked to strengthen.

Although this new aluminum 7000 would be more expensive and difficult to manufacture, Apple will use in case iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus to avoid a scandal like the one last year in which we demonstrated repeatedly that iPhone 6 Plus bend and uses.

This year iPhone 6S Plus will be more durable and will not bend as easily when you carry in your pocket and sit on it or lean putting pressure on the body, so theoretically Apple would be exempt new scandals humiliating.

This change would make iPhone 6S Plus more resistant than any other similar phablet on the market, but the results we will see in the fall.

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