Saturday, August 8, 2015

KeySwipe, Tweak to switch between keyboards Touch Gestures

Switching between keyboards iOS 8 can turn out to be a tedious and cumbersome task. It is true that, in reality, the change can be made within 2 or 3 seconds, but with Cydia tweak that we recommend then able to save more time and exchange keyboards through touch gestures.

The name in question is KeySwipe tweak, and as I anticipated, he can afford to switch between keyboards iOS 8 faster, productive and efficient.

KeySwipe: how does it work?

Once we install the tweak KeySwipe available at source or BigBoss repository for $ 0.99, a new panel configuration settings in the iOS native application is added. In this section you will find a button on or off, which is enabled by default.

To use this useful tweak from Cydia, we will open an application to make the keyboard appear and make flicking up or down on the keyboard. Once we do this, the keyboard switches to the next or previous on the list of keyboard configuration.

KeySwipe video

You want to see what it looks like this new tweak of Cydia for iOS in August? If so, do not miss the video below!

You have seen the iPhone KeySwipe tweak running, if you wish to have this intuitive and useful way to switch between keyboards iOS 8, then we recommend you search for, download and install KeySwipe in your devices.

Recall that this interesting tweak is available Cydia in the BigBoss repository for just $ 0.99. It's a small investment that will be cushioned depending on the use you to give to different  ios 8 keyboards.

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