Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lenovo once again remind users why Mac Best PC

Lenovo, the world's largest PC maker, excelled again. In February this year, experts have convicted the company that it preinstalled on their laptops program that makes them vulnerable to hackers and theft of personal information. It is now known that the Chinese manufacturer to use a hidden function Windows, to install on laptops undelete software to send reports on the state of the device. This is impossible to imagine in the case of the production of computers Apple.

On the country on to a Lenovo notebook computer to alert the user forum on the site Ars Technica, and Hacker News. As one of them, a few weeks ago, he bought a computer found in the Chinese program producer OneKey Optimizer. The owner of the device found that it is installed on a computer by the service Lenovo Service Engine.

Formalities intended to "improve productivity, driver updates and scanning unused files," writes Siliconrus. At the same time it could be sent to the company "system information to help you better understand how people use the products Lenovo». Despite the fact that such data are usually anonymous, the presence of an unknown software alerted the owner of the laptop. The existence of this program and its functions, the manufacturer never reported.

After a series of tests, the user realized that alone can not get rid of the OneKey Optimizer. What surprised him even more - the software automatically "returned" to the laptop even after reinstall your operating system.

The user attempted to install on a "clean" your Lenovo one of the versions of Windows 8 bootable DVD or off Wi-Fi. Despite the lack of access to the network, OneKey Optimizer reappeared on his laptop. Further attempts to remove the program manually and have failed - at every reboot "embedded" software is again on the PC.

In February, it was the vulnerability of computers, and it could be explained by the company's flaw - it happens all manufacturers, including Apple, - in this case, Lenovo intentionally used undocumented features of Windows in their goals. The mechanism installed on laptops non-removable elements was "sanctioned» Microsoft in 2011. The technology is to ensure that allows manufacturers to install their own "critical" software on the PC and each time again to restore it in the system even after reinstall your operating system on a "clean" computer.

In July, the work of Windows Platform Binary Table has been slightly modified by developers. Users can manually disable the reinstallation of programs hidden from them as OneKey Optimizer. But in fact, know that such a possibility exists, without a special inspection is still impossible.

The problem with undelete software affects Flex 2, Pro-15 / Edge 15, Flex 3-1470 / 1570/1120, G40-80 / G50-80 / G50-80, March 14 models Yoga, Yoga March 11, Y40-80, Z41- 70 / Z51-70, and a number of other devices Lenovo.

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