Wednesday, August 26, 2015

M - Facebook has launched a competitor to Siri

M is the term virtual assistant developed by the Facebook company, being introduced in the past under the name Moneypenny, but is available starting today in beta by Facebook Messenger application.

Unlike Siri that understands commands and provides a set of predefined answers to certain questions, assistant M is based and human interaction, such as some questions users will be answered by real people and not from a computerized existing Facebook servers.

"Component" human assistant M will enter the "action" when the software will not be able to answer her own question, users can talk to me like talk normally with a friend, an interface chat similar in normal of Facebook

M is able to put them various questions to users and what kind of answers you provide, and the latter receiving various information while fulfilling certain tasks, all without knowing whether the responses stand behind a person or an algorithm.

Fortunately for many security analysts, M is thought to analyze information on our work within Facebook, so it can only function on the basis of details provided in our interactions with him, but of course a lot can change until the official launch.

According to Facebook, thanks "component" humane assistant M, it is capable of as help users in ways that Siri can do, and as such are given recommendations to buy a gift for a friend or a family member .

Assistant M developed by the Facebook company is currently available only for certain users around San Francisco, but based testing will be extended as Facebook can gather more information for me and we will improve.

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