Monday, August 10, 2015

Out Plex 4.0 for iOS with a new design and a new audio player

The App Store is a new version of the client's official iOS-Plex. Completely rewritten application offers a more convenient viewing the contents of the local library, a new music player, video player, and improved support for user accounts. Plex 4.0 is offered as a free download in the App Store.

Plex streamed audio and video on your iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi networks and 3G. In the case of movie conversion is performed on the fly, so the format of the source file does not matter. All work on the video processing falls on the server software that is installed on your computer. In fact, the mobile application receives the stream from the home server.

The list of features of the updated player is listed completely rewritten interface. Now the user simply browse the contents of your catalog and find new content. "You can turn on the film, roll it up and continue surfing on the library" - say the developers. Convenient to control playback with the new mini-player.

Among other innovations Plex 4.0 is to provide a new music player with a fast loading and rewind songs. It is able to automatically switch between a cellular network on Wi-Fi without interrupting playback. Also, the developers have improved the technology of Mobile Sync, allows you to synchronize content, and added support for secure connections to Plex Media Server.

In addition to the local library is mobile version of Plex can view content from multiple channels and partners, such as Aperture, iTunes and iPhoto, as well as online services, YouTube and Vimeo.

Updated Plex was really friendly, though, and users will have to deal with the server. In particular, you must have the media server (recommended Windows Vista / 7, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher or Linux) and create an account myPlex, with which there is an authorization system. You can then view any media files located on your Mac or PC with the iPhone or iPad.

Download Plex for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available here.

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