Saturday, August 1, 2015

ProximityActivator Tweak allows you to control your iPhone functions using the proximity sensor [video]

The proximity sensor capable of detecting the presence of smart objects in proximity to the display without physical contact. Thus, iOS can lock the iPhone touch screen to prevent accidental key during a call when the phone is close to your ear, as well as save battery power.
Developer Stilldabomb wondered - is it possible to use a proximity sensor for other purposes. So there was a ProximityActivator tweak. It passes into the hands of the user control proximity sensor iPhone. With it, you can enable and disable operating system functions simple wave of the hand over the smartphone.

In what situations is useful ProximityActivator? For example, during an active SMS-correspondence or communication in VKontakte. You do not need to unlock the device each time to read or reply to a message - you just got a smartphone from his pocket, and the iPhone screen can be automatically switched. Just as he turns off when he put the phone in his pocket. Or, for example, can be assigned to ProximityActivator call multitasking panel and open its running his hand over the iPhone.

ProximityActivator works in conjunction tweaks Activator Ryan Petrich. It's free and is available in a standard repository BigBoss.

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