Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Force Touch iPhone 6S should focus on shortcuts

iPhone 6S could incorporate a display Touch Force to recognize the levels of pressure. Today we discover by rumors that the Force Touch in question will focus on the shortcuts in order to simplify the user experience.

The next iPhone could incorporate a display 6S Force Touch to support, as Apple Watch and the trackpad on the new MacBook, different levels of pressure and perform different operations depending on how you press the screen. Apple Watch have learned to use this feature every day as on a display so small commands activated with the Force Touch are fundamental. It would not hurt to see the Force Touch on iPhone, considering that many users of Apple Watch are already beginning to feel the need.

New rumors say that the Force Touch integrated in the next iPhone 6S will focus on shortcuts. If so, this feature would be to simplify (and speed up) the user experience. Initially the use of force is not too intuitive Touch (we've seen on Apple Watch), but once you understand how it works becomes an extension of our fingers in the system. In short, the Force Touch on iPhone could make us skip several steps in daily operations.

Recall that the next iPhone would be presented on September 9 and is expected to integrate an improved camera 12MP, an A9 chip, 2GB of RAM and the Force Touch, while maintaining the form factor of the iPhone 6.

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