Sunday, September 6, 2015

3D Touch - iPhone 6S Force Touch that will distinguish three levels of touches

3D Touch Display is the name that Apple has chosen a system implemented in Force Touch and iPhone 6S to the existing difference in Apple MacBooks Watch or those of Cupertino motivated to choose a new name for the technology.

If Force Touch site of MacBook or Apple Watch distinguish between two types of presses, the system 3D Touch Display of the iPhone 6S would be able to distinguish between three levels of taps made on the screen: a light touch, a touch normal and a handshake .

Under the complex system that works iPhone 6S Force Touch, Apple chose 3D Touch Display name because basically we are talking about the "three dimensions" of interaction with the screen, which is not found in the old producer.

I told you a few weeks ago how it works Force Touch on iPhone 6S, and that the system is called 3D Touch Display offers little context functions about which I spoke then, Apple will provide us with a variety of control options for applications.

3D Touch Display is the main function of iPhone 6S

This 3D Touch Display will be available exclusively for iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, Apple planning to implement it in iPad Pro, there stylus and will provide more functions based distinction between the three types of touches.

3D Display Touch will work with taptic a feedback system, so every time we make a push of some kind will feel a vibration in the fingertips to give us to understand that our achievement has interpreted screen.

If until now seems trivial in iPhone 6S Force Touch 3D Touch display information on the existence and the fact that in reality we are talking about a technology that distinguishes between three types of terminal touches make me look different.

Huawei maté days ago was presented as the first smartphone with Force Touch, but Apple is preparing something else for 3D Touch Display of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

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