Friday, September 18, 2015

9 reasons to upgrade the iPhone and iPad on iOS 9

On Wednesday the release of the new operating system iOS 9. Prior to its launch platform was tested almost 100 days. Update is designed to add new features, improve the battery life of the battery, fix bugs, improve performance.

iOS 9 available to users iPhone 4s and later smartphones Apple, full-sized iPad 2 iPad mini compact and more modern versions of the "apple" tablets and media players iPod touch fifth and sixth generations. To install the update requires 1.3 GB of free disk space.

Earlier GreenPois0n covered in detail and demonstrate the functional capabilities of the new mobile platform. At this time we offer 10 unique features of the operating system Apple, which distinguish from the iOS 8 platform.

The button "Back"

One of the most useful (although unnoticed by many) interface changes in iOS 9 - A new "Back" button, which allows you to quickly go back after switching between applications.

For most users, "apple" gadgets sequence "double tap on the button Home - swipe left - tap" is already working at the level of reflexes. On iOS 9 no longer have to carry it. When you click on a link to another application, the operating system will substitute the "Back" button instead of the level of network signal - just touch it and it will return you to the previous application.

Power saving mode

On iOS 9 implemented a number of techniques designed to optimize the mobile platform. Apple is especially proud of the reduction of the size of the upgrade from 4.6 GB to 1.7 GB and increase battery life iPhone to one hour. Within this framework, Apple has added a special feature in the operating system to save energy. "Power Saving Mode" in iOS 9 is capable of adding to the 3:00 standard time using iPhone.

Layout in Mail

Staffing mail application in iOS 9 allows comments on the pictures. To do this, press and hold the image in a letter a few seconds, and then the drop-down menu, select "Mark and answer." You will see a special mode of marking.

Split-screen mode on the iPad

The new operating system for iPad supports multi-mode. Users can share the screen of the tablet in two parts 50/50 or 70/30 for the simultaneous operation of two applications. Multiple windows iOS 9 will greatly simplify the interaction with several tasks: the user can keep before our eyes, for example, two tabs Safari or document Pages, carry content (text, video, photos) between programs, etc. Both applications will run simultaneously.

Public transit

Apple is developing its own mapping service since its launch in 2012. However, albeit gradually improving, it is still far from ideal. On iOS 9, the company has added the possibility of laying routes for walking, cycling, public transport, car or on the subway. At the moment the function is available to residents of the United States (Baltimore, MD, Chicago, Illinois, New York, Philadelphia, PA, San Francisco, Washington, DC), China, the UK (London), Mexico (Mexico City), Canada (Toronto).

Search settings

In iOS there are hundreds of possible settings for each operating system partition. All of them are grouped in a single application. Although the breakdown of the menu is much more logical than on other platforms, find rare option is extremely difficult. On iOS 9, Apple has decided to issue a quick access to the settings. The operating system has a new search function. Now just go into the application "Settings" and go to a new field of search, which is located above the buttons Airplane.

Ability to hide photo

The app "Photo" function "Photo Archive iCloud» open access to all the photos and videos anytime, anywhere. Photos easy to find, and they ordered the same on all devices. On iOS 9 application "Photos" allows you to hide pictures - selected photos disappear from the kinds of "Moments", "collection" and "years", but will be seen in the section "Photos".

Zoom for video

On iOS 9 when viewing a video, you can zoom in by using the gesture breeding fingers (pinch to zoom).

Control lever Mute

On iOS 9 on the iPhone using the lever on the left side, you can not just translate the phone in silent mode but to block passage of the screen from portrait to landscape mode. Just like in the iPad.

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