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9 Things You Did not Know what Apple Keynote presented at the 2015

The Keynote of this year has left much to analyze. Several devices have been introduced with software upgrades paths, and that is why the information is accumulated on the net trying to cover all these developments.

But there are always some details that escape, that are not so easy to see, and those are the ones that will see us, thanks to the guys at 9to5Mac. Specifically ten of them.

1. Bluetooth 4.2 is present, except for the new Apple TV

It is a striking theme. The latest standard in Bluetooth technology is not present in the renewal of the Apple media center, which is at least curious, because precisely control which accompanies the device uses this connection to send commands to the device, with version 4.0 . If present, however, in the new generation of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and Pro both the iPad and the iPad Air 4, and iPod Touch included it in its sixth generation this summer. This version of Bluetooth 4.2 technology is more energy efficient, provides greater privacy and security, and promises further increases twice as fast data transfer.

2. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus maintain their appearance, but not its weight

It is customary for the 'S' versions of the iPhone do not suffer many cosmetic changes, and that are used. What is not so normal and what little it has been said is that the new devices of the Cupertino have changed both their dimensions -there sell new carcasas- as your weight. The first have varied in a range of 0.1-0.2 mm, while its weight has increased by 14 grams in the iPhone 6s and 20 in the case of the Plus version. It is probably due to its new aluminum 7000 or 3D Touch system and the components that comprise it.

3. beautiful fish boxes are not random

It is the first time that Apple uses a photo with the look of wallpaper in the boxes in which the terminals are sold. These fish vary the color of the iPhone we're buying are very special. Betta fish are, and have been specifically bred for the photographs, even to travel the Apple team to Thailand to perform them. Curious, is not it?

4. The new cameras bring many new features

Apple did not mention the developments thoroughly incorporate the new cameras of their devices, only said they were improved, and there are minor improvements since then. They did not mention things like the picture resolution amounts to 50% (8 megapixel to 12 megapixel). The pixel size has decreased from 1.5μ to 1.22μ, a change that is apparently compensated with improved noise reduction. However, more megapixels are probably good, because the landscape mode support amounts to 63MP, 43MP compared to previous ones. Also the front camera of 1.2MP to 5MP amounts, to be a major improvement when taking the selfies, considering that no other Apple device that figure amounts to, remaining in the 1.2MP.

A couple of things not mentioned in the apple keynote were, for example, new optical stabilization of the rear camera is limited to the Plus version, as happened with the iPhone 6. In addition, it has added a feature in iOS 9 allows you to zoom in the video once recorded, and will only be supported by the latest models of terminals Californians.

5. Differences in the LTE for Americans

It has been that way, and this will continue for the time being. Apple terminals have differences in their antennae according to American telephone companies. Some work with CDMA carriers like Verizon, while others support the LTE band 30, for the new spectrum used by AT & T. In addition, the new iPad do not support the latter mentioned frequency band.

6. The integrated chassis iPad Mini 4 display

It is no surprise that the new iPad mini will have no compatibility with previous cases. The new model is thinner, going from 7.4mm to 6.1mm, lighter, 331 grams to 300, and also higher, more specifically three millimeters.

The screen is covered with an antireflection film, and promises more realistic colors, better contrast and more vivid images.

7. The iPad Pro charging

Apple spent a lot of time during the presentation to talk about the features and design of the iPad Pro, but did not speak much about its charging system. Do you serve shippers iPad sold so far? Yes. The iPad Pro has a battery 38.5WHr, which is 10% less than that share the iPad 3 and 4. It may worry that, when loaded with 12W USB charger that was on the iPad so far, and given the screen size of the new model, tarried long charging time. However, since the iPad 4 takes about 5 hours to fully charge the iPad Pro should take slightly less than this time by having less battery charge.

8. Some facts about the Apple TV

It is the fourth generation of Apple TV, but the company wanted to call "The new Apple TV". It comes in a black box white unlike previous generations carrying, and officials say size is 50% higher compared to 23mm -35mm the above model, but keeps the surface: 98x98mm. In addition, it is also 50% heavier, from 425 grams to 272 grams from its predecessor. Curiously this coming from Apple, one of the companies that strives to reduce the size and weight of your devices. In addition, it should be emphasized that the new model loses the audio port optical cable, and amounts to the 2Gb of RAM, which suggests that it should be able to move the same games that the iPhone 6 Plus, although it will mean challenging the titles more mature desktop consoles.

9. Do not forget the Siri or MFi Remote controllers

The new Apple Remote is black above, silvery in the lower half, and has dimensions of 38.1 × 123.95 × 6.35mm. Interestingly, Apple has included a Lightning connector on the bottom of the device, given the rise and expansion that is taking the USB-C, it could have been a good decision to include it.

In addition, Apple will sell a bracelet called Remote Loop to ensure that control our hand, very similar to wearing the Wii Remote few years ago in order to launch the command and avoid crashing on our screen flat curve or, too- 50 inches. It will connect to the same Lightning with which the command is loaded and ready. Apart from this, given that the new Apple TV supports MFi-Made For iDevices- drivers, and announced the first official command to play with our favorite titles in our new media center. The Nimbus Control Steelseries has been chosen, replacing the central menu button by one of pause, which will be sold at a reasonable $ 50, will have to see the switch to euros. In conclusion, we see limited time to play with our Apple TV.

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