Monday, September 14, 2015

Apple offers free Apple TV 4

Presentation Apple TV 4 that can run applications and games, Apple has motivated some developers allow them to gain access to new product favored those in Cupertino paying only the sum of $ 1.

Apple tries to motivate its developers to produce applications for Apple TV 4 by offering free product and has organized last week a lottery after which the chosen developers will get free product they were notified today about the procedure buying .

All those elected have to buy product from Apple Store until Wednesday and they will get home for the amount of $ 1, which is perceived only to check the actual developer or the fact that the card has not been closed.

Apple has a habit of doing so when really wants to get something from its developers, and Apple Watch sites offering free in the same way that developers have proven to be willing to create applications for it around launch.

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