Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How do I install iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad ?

How do I install iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad ? Well, Apple puts us several years have two ways to install iOS nine in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch our sites, which are completely different and used in various situations.

The first procedure is the Software Update , and the second is the update region through iTunes, and in this article I will explain in detail what each of them and recommended to install iOS nine on iPhone or iPad easier.

Software Update - Software Update - iOS 9

Software Update to iOS 9 is very simple, directly from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch our sites using an Internet connection and that's all it is designed to avoid the use of a PC for this process.

To make the iOS 9 Software Update must wait to launch iOS nine o'clock and then you navigate:

  • Configuration> General> Update Software Settings> General> Software Update.
  • Leave the terminal to check if there is an update available for it.
  • Press the button to install and confirm the procedure, and eventually entering the terminal security code.
After following these steps iOS 9 will be downloaded in your terminals in order to install and just then to confirm the installation again after unloading procedure has been completed.

Last year iOS 8 requires between 2-4 GB of space on your iPhone or iPad TLS installation, but Apple promised iOS 9 will require less space, so perhaps up to a GB of space should be freely your terminals in order to install iOS 9.

Install iOS 9 by iTunes

Installing iOS 9 by iTunes involve the use of a computer, be it Mac or Windows PC, it is recommended only in situations where you do not want to follow the above procedure, or is there any reason that prevents you do it directly from the terminals you.

To installation iOS 9 by iTunes must:
  • Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your PC site.
  • If there is an update available, then you will see an alert like the one above.
  • If there is an update available when you press the left button Check Update Restore visible.
  • If you have already downloaded an ipsw of iOS 9, then using the shift key (Windows) or alt + Option (Mac), click the Check for Update, or Update after the event, go to the computer to the folder where you file .ipsw and double-click on it.
After following these steps will be downloaded iOS nine in the computer in order to install if you have not already downloaded it or installation will start automatically on your iPhone or iPad, if you had previously downloaded iOS nine in your device.

Installing the Software Update iOS 9 or iTunes has approximately the same length, so from 10 up to several tens of minutes depending on the download speed of Apple iOS 9 of servers and performance of your computer.

Before I finish I tell you that if you jailbreak, you can not update software, just update through iTunes, of course losing the jailbreak.

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