Monday, September 28, 2015

iPhone 6S is waterproof but, with limits

iPhone 6S Plus is waterproof, but with restrictions, the terminal of the Cupertino having trouble working under water if a certain depth is exceeded during operation or tests made by you and various others.

In the video below you will see an iPhone 6S Plus submerged in a pool that has a depth of less than 1 meter, and as you will see, the smartphone Apple is not doing as well as when it was immersed in a small container filled with water.

Specifically, after just one minute of immersion iPhone 6S Plus began to show the first signs of infiltration of water into the case, and after two minutes the screen or closed completely, followed by rest and internal components.

After two hours in the terminal and heated to substantially although it was completely dark he refused to even start, a sign that the use of an iPhone 6S Plus 1 meter under water results in complete destruction of the device, with water resistance to certain limits.

What proves this test is that the iPhone 6S Plus waterproof, and most likely the iPhone 6S is limited to accidentally dropping the containers with water, toilets and various kitchen containers, but if you want to swim with iPhone- your sites, buy a special bag.

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