Tuesday, September 1, 2015

KeyRaider - the most dangerous malware for iOS and the biggest theft in history iCloud accounts

KeyRaider is the most dangerous malware for iOS platform ever created, and last night we told you how to find out if yours iCloud account was stolen by Chinese hackers who have created or not.

I told you last week that 225,000 accounts iCloud were stolen by hackers using this malware called KeyRaider and I said that in some cases the users were forced to pay money to recover terminals because they are blocked by Find My iPhone by hackers.

If I am completely honest I can say that the attention that is now part KeyRaider reminds me of Hollywood celebrity nude photos published in about the same period last year, when Apple image being seriously affected by the scandal, but now Apple is not guilty.

KeyRaider affects only terminals that have jailbreak and which were installed some tweaks that account malware created by the Chinese, but unlike malware that steal only accounts and passwords, it steals certificates and private keys used for receiving Push notifications and not only that.

The situation is so serious that in some cases can prevent hackers unlocking terminals including using iCloud and Find My iPhone, so basically you can hack the terminal hostage until I paid a certain amount of money to release it.

Since the malware was distributed through tweaks, none of these exactly what happens even after hackers used data stolen KeyRaider to block terminals to steal accounts iCloud accounts of social networks or money from bank accounts.

Although 18 countries around the world are users affected, the vast majority is in China and you can imagine that there few were glad to know that the Apple ID of them have been downloaded or purchased various applications and money have disappeared unaware accounts.

Given that only terminals that are affected jailbreak, Apple users can not help them and the only way to get rid of KeyRaider is restore the terminal and avoid installation packages available in Cydia repo sites of the unknown.

KeyRaider demonstrates how dangerous it can be if hackers jailbreak create enough dangerous malware and such situations will meet in the future with much more serious situations.

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