Saturday, October 17, 2015

Appeared at the Apple Store online tables showing work 3D Touch [Video]

Apple Store - not just the most profitable stores in the world of retail. This is the most that neither is an innovative product equipped with a variety of necessary tools for successful sales.

This week, Apple has equipped some of its trading pavilions interactive touch tables, demonstrate the possibility of iPhone 6s. With their help, visitors can get acquainted with the latest technologies and companies to understand how they work.

The first Apple Store with interactive tables steel shops in San Francisco and New York. Demonstration boards placed interacts with them iPhone 6s. Touching the display 3D Touch smartphone can scare off a virtual fish or let the ripples on the water.

Interesting idea recognized captivate prospective buyers iPhone 6s in the world of 3D Touch. Perhaps, in this interactive development of the Apple stores do not run out and soon we will see even more exciting solutions.

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