Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Apple: Do not use iPhone 6S instead of a scale

In the last week have all appeared demonstrations of how the iPhone 6S can weigh objects, and although a lot of people became very interested in the process, Apple does not support.

A developer has managed to create an application that weighs objects with an accuracy of +/- 3 grams, he sending it for publication in the App Store, but unfortunately Apple was not willing to accept his application, saying that it is not appropriate for the store.

App developer has created a trick to offer readings as accurate for objects placed on the screen, as he used a spoon to ensure a fixed point of contact with the screen, and as you can see in the video below, weighing made objects is quite exact.

Now if you were to think about the reasons behind Apple's decision not to approve such applications in the App Store, well it is easy to understand why they do not appear very soon in the store, the Cupertino avoiding offer API- special sites that provide such functionality.

In the absence of official support to weigh objects in 3D Touch, it is unlikely to see support from Apple for publishing applications to replace a digital scale, so do not do very much hope about their appearance in the App Store.

Although Apple will not allow the installation of such applications, we will definitely see many implementations of this kind created for users willing to try titles like this, you must know that they are not more accurate than a scale real and should not be regarded otherwise .