Saturday, October 3, 2015

Apple has hinted at plans to become a mobile operator

The first rumors about what Apple is going to become a virtual mobile operator (Mobile Virtual Network Operator - MVNO), appeared about a year ago. Then the media has exaggerated the topic, discussing the need for this step. Apparently, the "apple" of the mobile still be.

Despite the fact that the press office Apple formal denies this information, the movement in this direction is still available. This, in particular, has hinted senior vice president of Apple's software Eddy Cue. In an interview with The Evening Standard, he complained about expensive roaming charges in Europe. According to Kew, to be most operators abroad is simply impossible because of high tariffs.

"You know, the line of duty, I am often in London and more than anyone else know how expensive Internet calls and outside the home region - said Eddy Cue. - Of course, it's sad. We are trying to change the situation. And we have made little progress, although it has to negotiate with many people. "

Despite the fact that no details are not divulged Kew, such words were not accidental. In August of this year, Business Insider reported that the Cupertino-based company has entered into an active phase of development of the network operator's own format MVNO. It is learned that the company plans to directly provide users with iPhone and iPad mobile communication services and the Internet. It is expected that it will test the European market.

While not known how long it takes Apple to launch its own MVNO-service. One thing is clear - cupertino tsy very interested in entering the cellular market. And, apparently, the "apple" development will greatly reduce the cost of international calls and the Internet.

In favor of this is also said Apple's experience to create a virtual SIM-card. With the help of iPad owners will be able to choose the services of several operators, based on preferences.

In April this year its own MVNO-project launched Google. The company uses a network of US operator Sprint, T-Mobile, as well as Wi-Fi. Proprietary technology enables smartphones to switch between the three sources, choosing the one that currently offers the highest quality signal. The device may be switched even during a conversation, naturally, without interruption.

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