Sunday, October 25, 2015

Apple publish new advertisements for iPhone 6S

Apple released three new TV promo video showing the possibilities flagship smartphone iPhone 6s. Video «Crush», «The Camera» and «Flip a Coin» published on the official YouTube-channel company.

The new Apple's commercials described the two functions of your device: the new mode of operation, the voice assistant Siri and improved 12-megapixel camera. IPhone 6s have a virtual assistant is always ready to perform commands even when the gadget is in the locked position. Thanks coprocessor M9 function is in constant standby, so to the gadget you can not even touch with his hands. In advertising «Crush» American actor and singer Jamie Foxx, adjusting his tie, he asks: «Siri, what I look like." "Judging by your voice, I would have said you were quite attractive," - responds the assistant.

On the 60-second video «The Camera» shows a camera iPhone 6s: 4K-video mode Slo-Mo, live photos, frontal flash. "This iPhone 6s. Not much has changed in the camera of the smartphone, is that how you shoot a photo, "- says the voice-over. Along the way, the display is shown 3D Touch, reacting to press with force.

In the third video, we see again Jamie Foxx, who holds the two scenarios. The actor does not know which one to choose. Then he asks, «Siri, throw a coin." Voice assistant replied: "Had the tails", and then Fox lays one of the scenarios of the way.