Thursday, October 29, 2015

Apple refused to sell the Adele album in their stores

Apple refused to sell the album "25" of the British singer Adele at retail stores Apple Store. It is reported by MacRumors, with reference to the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

As Apple says Adele aware of the popularity, but still do not plan to sell the album in CD-format music CDs in stores, as they fear for the reputation. Obviously, on the background of the launch of corporate streaming service.

It is also known that the agency William Morris Endeavor Adele talks with Apple about signing a sponsorship contract worth about 30 million $ . It is three times more than the cost of a traditional contract with the musicians. The deal is aimed at supporting the singer's tour, which will take place after the release of the album "25", scheduled for 20 November.

As Apple is not confident of success because it is the first big tour Adele. "Her team should be more realistic in the plans for the artist, who has no history of working with corporate partners," - quoted company, a source close to the negotiations.

Meanwhile, the number of views of the new clip Adele "Hello" was higher than that of the trailer of the seventh episode of "Star Wars." Roller set several music records. The maximum recorded output - 1.6 million views per hour. Another popular video on YouTube - trailer for the seventh episode of "Star Wars" - scored a maximum of 1.2 million views for the same period of time. Pre-order the album can be compared only with the pre-sale of tickets for the "Awakening Forces."

The single «Hello» was released simultaneously in the Apple Music and other streaming services, but the album "25" will first appear on the shelves in the form of a CD-ROM drive. At the same time representatives of Adel has not yet announced exactly where the start of sales record. If the $ 30 million deal goes through, while the record will be available exclusively in the Apple Music, as is the case with Taylor Swift's album "1989".

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