Thursday, October 29, 2015

Apple refuses to iPhone 7 Home button to make it thinner

The new iPhone 7 will be missing Home key. This forecast publishes Barron's, one of the most prestigious financial and analytical companies in the US claims that the refusal of the main button Smartphone is connected with the need to make gadgets thinner.

In a March interview with Apple's chief designer Jonathan Ive said that his understanding of iPhone should be thin and light device. For these qualities the company is willing to sacrifice the autonomy of the mobile device. In the words of Ive, Apple's smartphone modest autonomy on a single charge can not be considered a disadvantage because the resource allows users to have a thin, light and stylish gadget.

On the Apple smartphone has traditionally used the Home button, power button and turn off the device, the volume of the two switches, as well as a lever for putting your phone into silent mode. Disclaimer Home key will occur with a probability of 50% already in the iPhone 7, but may be delayed a decision until the iPhone 8 to indicate the source. This is due to the fact that Apple wants to return to a more convenient form factor that allows you to work with the smartphone with one hand.

Touch ID sensor, is likely to be integrated into the display panel smartphone, not moved to the rear portion as a Nexus 5X and 6P, since the ability to unlock the smart phone without having to take his hand must remain claim in Barron's.

"The introduction of 3D Touch to iPhone 6s - first step in Apple's rejection of a button Home. This will use the vacated space to increase or decrease the screen of the device itself, "- said the expert.

In a recent forecast analyst Gene Munster, who has repeatedly made statements about the intentions of Apple, said of the possibility of an iPhone without the button Home. In his words, iPhone 7 will receive a sapphire crystal, wireless charging and a high capacity battery. His assumption is based on the fact that over the past few years, Apple has increased the volume of the MacBook battery, so the same should happen with the iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that according to a recent survey, most iPhone users do not consider the thickness of the smartphone important feature for mobile devices. 61% of users would be willing to increase the thickness of the body following the model of "apple" device together with an increase in battery capacity. Only 7% of respondents said they are satisfied with the current level of the battery life of iPhone.

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