Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Apple released iOS 9.1 beta 4 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iOS 9.1 beta 4 has been released by Apple just a few minutes ago, the new version of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available only for iOS platform developers.

iOS 9.1 beta 4 comes just two weeks after iOS 9.1 beta 3 was released by the Cupertino for application developers and users of beta testing iOS's iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch's, so that the entire release cycle is preserved.

iOS 9.1 beta 4 can be installed by all those who have iOS 9.1 beta 3 by accessing the System Software Update, Software Update, the iOS community, so do not have to download the entire IPSW to update to the new version of Operating.

iOS 9.1 beta 4

Unfortunately Apple does not say about what updates in iOS 9.1 beta 4 exist and probably never will list the changes they made, but we expect to improve the overall performance of the operating system and solving some bugs in the system.

In iOS 9.1 Apple has implemented mainly just emoji characters we improved the overall performance of the operating system and nothing more, so you should not expect a lot from this update.

According to information published today, will be launching iOS 9.1 in November, but until then we will have at least two beta versions of the operating system, so you have nothing to test further until things are final.

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