Monday, October 26, 2015

Facebook Fixes Present Problems in the App for iOS

In mid-October a problem that caused the Facebook app consume more battery power than normal, so much so that the company itself promised a solution as quickly as possible was detected. Now, the Facebook application has already received an update through that would put an end to the problems in the previous version.

Facebook has released an update to its iOS app mainly focused on solving the problems of excessive battery drain that many users have been suffering throughout the world. Here we have more details about this problem and what was the reason it occurred.

Facebook has already solved the problems of battery your app for IOS

According to Ari Gran, chief engineer of Facebook, recently explained what the source of these problems that made the application for IOS to consume more battery power than normal would. Apparently, the first problem would be called "CPU spin" on the network code, which should be corrected and improved with the update.

Moreover, Grant explains that the second problem is related to the manner in which audio sessions are managed. For example, if you watch a video via the Facebook application on the iPhone and then come out of it, sometimes the audio session remains open, as if the application follow but quietly playing sound.

The Facebook app for IOS is universal, ie that is compatible with both iPhone as iPhone and iPod Touch. So if you're using the app and you were experiencing these problems you should know that with the latest version have been fixed.