Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to install Kodi on the iPhone and iPad running iOS 9 [Cydia]

Kodi - the popular media player for video, photo and audio content that can reside on your computer, optical disc, online, or on any PC on the LAN. Until August last year, Kodi was known as XBMC. Last created as a media center for the first generation of game consoles Xbox, but later came on board the platform as well as iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Kodi is a key feature native support hardware encoding / decoding with scaling the image to fit the screen. This component is so flexible that allows to broadcast on the iPhone or iPad uncompressed video in 1080p resolution with almost no loss of personnel.

To use the media player on the iPhone and iPad, use the instructions for installation  Kodi on iOS 9.

How to install the codes in iOS 9:

Step 1: Make jailbreak iOS 9 in any way you like.

Step 2: Open Cydia and navigate to the Sources tab.

Step 3: Click Edit, then Add. The program prompts you to enter the address of the source. Enter http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/ and click Add. Cydia will automatically update the repository.

Step 4: On the sources go into the repository team Kodi, navigate to the folder Media. Multimedia If not, click the Change button.

Step 5: Find the Kodi-iOS. Current version 15.2. Confirm installation of the application.

Step 6: Start the codes from the home screen iPhone or iPad.