Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In China, iPhone 6s exploded during charging [photo]

Cases fire smartphones is no longer a novelty. Burn it all: the Chinese "government employees" and expensive iPhone. Recently, the media increasingly report cases of fire and explosion iPhone 6. This summer, the "apple" smartphone exploded during charging adapter for iPad. Then it became known that "six", almost mutilated its owner in Saudi Arabia, causing burns of I degree. Now, the first recorded case of spontaneous combustion of the latest iPhone 6s.

The owner of Apple's flagship smartphone Intermediate Darren told anybody about the incident to his unit. iPhone 6s was in charge as suddenly caught fire, then flared. The blog Weibo user posted photos crippled machine pink.

As a result, damage to the body and received the iPhone 6s main camera, located on the back of the lens. According Intermediate Daren, the explosion was not very strong. However, the photos can be seen that the white plastic insert built into the upper part of the body and changed color.

The blogger says that the iPhone was purchased in the official online store Apple. Does Chinese enjoyed the original charge, is not reported. The service service of the American corporation refused to recognize the case of warranty.

Earlier, it became known about a burning in your pocket jeans iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone schoolgirl victim, as well as the "burning" February 14 is also not without consequences for the owner of the iPhone 5c.