Sunday, October 25, 2015

IOS 9.1 Battery life

IOS 9.1 Battery life is definitely one of the important topics for all those who have installed the new version of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch operating system this week, so I'll discuss it in this article.

iOS 9.1 Battery life has proven to be, in my case, better than the battery life of iOS 9 on iPhone 6S Plus, since the installation of this update until now, this surprised me, to be completely honest with you .

I would not have expected Apple to improve indeed battery life of iOS 9.1 with this update because they generally updates intermediates are based on a multitude of other changes that reduce battery life, so that I for one am impressed by change .

IOS 9.1 Battery life

iOS 9.1 Battery life has proven to be up to 10% better than any other versions of the operating system iOS 9, at least in my case, so you will have a few tens of minutes of use in addition to several hours stand by, depending on the iPhone you own.

Apple did not mention any improvement in battery life for iOS 9.1, as expected, but silent changes are the best, especially when they actually improve the way it works for our terminals in everyday life.

IOS 9.1 Battery life may of course be further enhanced by you through iOS or disabling unnecessary applications, but also by reducing screen and activating the automatic brightness setting, this function having the highest impact.

That said, What do you think about battery life iOS 9.1?