Tuesday, October 27, 2015

iOS 9.1 disables alarms during the update

iOS 9.1 disables alarms set in Clock application, clock, in case users choose to install it overnight when they do not use the devices consistently.

Apple Company implemented iOS 9 option to install the update for iOS overnight, when not in use terminals, and this system seems to have a problem that disables alarms set in Clock app, Clock, operating system.

Although I would have expected these days that various people have problems with the time shown by iOS because of the transition to winter time, here in reality updating overnight in iOS 9.1 is the one that generates the greatest problems, so her blame.

The problem does not occur when taking Update Software Update OTA directly when using terminals, so the bug will be triggered only when choosing the installation to be done overnight, you will not constantly used for various tasks terminals.

Of course Apple has not commented in any way the issue although it seems that enough users are affected and of course requires an update to the iOS operating system to solve the problem in the future, so it is advisable not to use the iOS 9 that discounts iOS 9.1 overnight.

In previous versions of iOS 9 Apple has solved some problems of application Alarm Clock, Clock, so it's possible that this bug may be connected with any changes made by those in Cupertino in the past.