Wednesday, October 28, 2015

iOS 9.2 beta 1 vs iOS 9.1: Performance comparison on iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s [video]

On Tuesday, there was a first beta of iOS 9.2 with improvements frameworks browser. User YouTube-channel iAppleBytes decided to compare the "rate" of the new issue with the current firmware iOS 9.1. Just say that the experiment did not reveal a clear leader - a fresh update, even in the test version, it works much the same as the current release.

The first beta of iOS 9.2 came out a week after the release of the final version of iOS 9.1. Last received correction in performance, function optimization Live Photos, more than 150 new emoticons that Unicode Consortium introduced into the eighth edition of Unicode. Also appeared in the OS setting "Show contact photos" in Messaging. In iOS 9.2 improvements associated with the browser Safari.

iAppleBytes job iOS 9.2 tested three times: at the minimum supported models of iPhone 4s, on the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. Laying next to two phones with iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2 beta 1, it turns the pre-installed, and third-party applications, and compared the performance. During testing, open Settings, App Store, Camera, Maps,, YouTube, Facebook, Weather, Music, etc.

During the experiment, it was found out that the new version can not boast of a higher speed of operation than the previous release. Different problems getting any leadership and iOS 9.2, and iOS 9.1 - depending on the application and device models.

Video of comparison iOS 9.2 beta 1 and iOS 9.1 can be viewed below: