Thursday, October 22, 2015

iOS 9.2 is the center of Apple attention

iOS 9.2 has entered the spotlight Apple, the Cupertino conducting his employees to develop future versions of the operating system, iOS 9.1 is most likely last management team specialized in solving urgent problems.

Shifting attention towards iOS 9.2 Apple employees is visible in Internet traffic made by them on the internet using the new version of the operating system which is presently under development but currently nobody knows when it will be available.

Although iOS 9.1 was released last night by Apple, the first beta of iOS 9.2 has not yet been made available to application developers for the iOS platform, something that not many would have expected given that iOS 9.1 was released a week before the launch of iOS 9.

Given that iOS 9.2 has just entered serious attention Apple engineer, now we do not know either what news will he bring us, but it is speculated that if it were possible to solve some problems that iPad Pro would have, or about the possible implementation of yet unannounced features.

If iOS 9.2 will be released in beta version next week, then it's quite likely that the final version to show up only at the beginning of 2016 because there is little chance this year to May we have a launch of an intermediate draft system iOS operating.

Since iOS 9.1 has brought many news important to users worldwide it remains to be seen what will deploy Apple attractive in iOS 9.2 to entice users to continue to upgrade in the coming months, especially as a new solution jailbreak will definitely be released for iOS 9.1.