Saturday, October 31, 2015

iPhone 4s with iOS 6 is faster than iPhone 5s running iOS 9 [Video]

The service Google Trends, which tracks popular treatment in the Internet, the number of requests «Slow iPhone» (slow iPhone) after the release of a new iPhone sharply. Blogger Ilya Leshchenko decided to check whether the new iOS fault that Apple-communicators do not work as we would like.

The fact that the new iPhone works not as fast as old ones can be understood from the experimental television host Jimmy Kimmel, who before the iPhone 6s offered to passers-by on the street iPhone 2007 under the guise of the latter. Members noted that the application will run on it.

It is believed that the iPhone becomes slow for two reasons: Problems with the optimization of the operating system code and the emergence of the users of the subconscious feeling that with the release of a new model of old seems to be less productive.

So Elijah took the iPhone 4s, one installed iOS 6.1.3 2012 and iPhone 5s is running the latest iOS 9. testing he conducted, comparing the speed of execution of similar pre-installed software. He came to the conclusion that virtually all applications in iOS 6 is faster than iOS 9. This is despite the fact that the iPhone 5s much faster iPhone 4s - 6.5 times, according to Geekbench. The only exception was the browser Safari.

Why is this happening? Firstly, modern operating system with new features and services require more computing resources. In addition, iOS 9 accompanied by new animation effects that are visually slow down. This affects the perception of the mobile device and is likely to lead to a further drain on the battery.

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