Tuesday, October 27, 2015

iPhone 6S is just like a scale [video]

iPhone 6S is as accurate as a scale, and the video below demonstrates how you can clear this red image having a weight of 141 grams, being shown both scale and the new terminal of the Apple.

A few days ago we told you that the iPhone 6S can weigh objects using 3D Touch, and if then only see displayed a percentage of the weight of the object, today we see that even a weight of an object can be rendered by the application designed specifically for this functionality.

The initial version of the application has been modified to play grammage object placed on the screen of the iPhone 6S to be weighed by 3D Touch, but so far the system works only with certain fruit peel very thin, a potato, for example, not being weighed.

Given that we see only rudimentary versions of a system that can be weighed various objects using 3D Touch, if the code for applications will be improved in the future we could weigh a much larger screen objects using iPhone 6S.

The weight of objects is shown by measuring the space you occupy on the screen and the pressure he applied on it by 3D Touch and the first demonstration shows that the measurements are quite accurate, even if the application code is not perfect yet.

iPhone 6S with 3D Touch will be used in future to weigh objects in a more simple and more precisely than before, but it all depends on how developers will be able to upgrade the existing application code shown in the clip.