Sunday, October 11, 2015

iPhone 7 is to curved display as Galaxy S6 ?

Although information about the iPhone 7 that have been on sale next year has been gradually enough of them concept design with a plurality of observation to the original it has been continuously published. This time I would like to introduce the video Mesut G. Designs has created.

It is as Galaxy S6 ?

In what is the most attention iPhone 7, is the observation that than become bezel free. In iPhone 7, since the media when mounting a touch screen employing the "glass / Glass Technology" since iPhone 4s are reported, curved display is newly that utilize the features of the technology which can sense a touch operation on the edge of the display mounting the likelihood that it would be for the difference is increasing.

Curved display has already been adopted by such as Samsung's Galaxy S6 series.

Anyway, thin!

In addition, prominent analysts iPhone 7 is in response to the fact that you have pointed out the potential to become the slim iPod Touch average, also stands out is thin same concept design.

This addition to the concept, speakers or is also mounted on the rear surface except the bottom, and a connector portion is in the characteristic shape, design that is not seen in conventional iPhone is striking. It should be noted that, with respect to the cable, a problem with the European unified standard, it is that they will consist of Lightning cable to the USB Type-C.

We are also introduced the concept design of the physical home button is not iPhone 7 the other day, that it can be said that in common is that you're likely to those iPhone 7 has departure from previous iPhone. Including leak information, it is likely able to have big expectations for future follow-up.

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