Friday, October 16, 2015

Jailbreak iOS 9 on the Mac, using Pangu and Windows virtual machine

Unfortunately, the Chinese hackers team Pangu still not released the tool for Mac, allows you to get the untethered jailbreak iOS 9 on the iPhone and the iPad. However, the latest firmware hack for the Apple mobile devices is possible using a virtual machine based on Windows.

The process of installing Windows on a Mac, and the subsequent process of jailbreak to iOS 9 device takes about 30 minutes.

How to jailbreak iOS 9 on the Mac, using Pangu and Windows virtual machine

1. Download the ISO-Windows file 10, preferably 64-bit.

2. Download VMware Fusion virtual machine 8 or Parallels Desktop 11. The program offers a free trial, which will give the user enough time to implement the jailbreak for iOS 9.

3. Set the ISO-file Windows, using VMware Fusion 8 or Parallels Desktop 11. It is necessary to customize the installation so that the virtual machine to use dual core CPU and at least 3 GB of RAM. No need to enter a product key.

4. Download and install iTunes on Windows virtual machine 10.

5. Connect the iPhone or iPad to your Mac and launch iTunes on a virtual machine. Make sure that iTunes recognizes the iOS-device, and then press the button on your phone and Trust in iTunes.

6. Download the program Pangu for jailbreaking iOS 9.

7. Make jailbreak for this instruction.

Also pay attention to possible errors when jailbreak Pangu iOS 9 and their decision.

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