Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jailbreak iOS 9: Pangu 1.1 enhances several elements

A new version of Pangu is available for download to jailbreak iOS 9. This is the second update since the availability of the jailbreak, there occurred a week now.

Pangu improves the success rate and reliability of the jailbreak for devices with a 64-bit processor (iPhone 5s and older, 2 and iPad mini, iPad Air and 6G and iPod touch). Some users have reported problems so far. The new version also optimizes the backup process and accelerates the speed of the jailbreak process.

A problem could prevent the jailbreak to be realized because of low storage space on Windows. Another problem could be leaving Pangu following concerns at the Internet level.

In addition, a new option to re-jailbreak appeared. It is available to certain iOS devices that have been updated through iTunes but detected as jailbroken by Pangu (whereas this was not the case).

Pangu 1.1 is available for download on Windows since this address. Already jailbroken users will have the right to an update directly from Cydia to soon-now.

Download Pangu 1.1 at this link.