Sunday, October 4, 2015

Japan Display is a major supplier of displays for Apple in 2016

The main supplier of display panels for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is a company Japan Display (JDI). The situation will not change in 2016 with the release of the iPhone 7, DigiTimes reports citing sources in the supply chain.

The most likely candidate for the role of the main supplier of displays for Apple in 2016 was considered to Sharp. However, in recent years it has paid too much attention to the Chinese partners, trying to compensate for an uneven load on the part of the manufacturer's iPhone, whose orders are subject to strong seasonal fluctuations. As a result, Apple had to choose another supplier as a major. That role went to Japan Display.

Collaboration Apple and Japan Display will be strengthened in 2016 in connection with the release of the next generation iPhone. According to some reports, the Cupertino-based sizing and less well-known manufacturers of the products that the company was interested primarily low prices. But they are not able to provide the necessary quantity of Apple panels yet.

JDI has recently reported a sharp increase in orders from its largest customer, which is the Apple. If you believe the rumors, Empire California has invested in new plant construction Japan Display $ 1,4 Bln. Not surprisingly, the Japanese vendor managed to grab a half orders for displays for iPhone 6s.

Thus in 2017 the situation could change, since Apple is credited with interest for use in displays such as AMOLED. True, Sharp, it is likely to again be left out, because the company does not have the appropriate facilities and resources for the development in this direction. In contrast, production of LCD panels manufacturer brings losses.

On the other hand, perhaps that Sharp will still display supplier for Apple, if it is confirmed information that Foxconn is going to buy a controlling stake in Sharp display units for 1.7 billion dollars.

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