Thursday, October 29, 2015

Microsoft has released a launcher for Android in the style of iOS 9

Microsoft released the final version of its own launcher for Android - a GUI application shortcuts, contacts, and other functions. The program supports automatic change wallpaper every day. Concept Arrow Launcher, interestingly, follows the iOS 9, and in a very primitive form, so users of iPhone, creation developers, Microsoft may be to the taste. In the company among the advantages of the product referred to simplicity and ease of use.

Arrow Launcher consists of three screens. The central section contains two shortcuts that have been launched recently and frequently run programs. Swipe left displays a screen that displays contacts and swipe right - screen notes and reminders displaying the task. New tasks can be created directly from this screen, celebrate their accomplishments and to indicate the time and date for the reminder.

At the bottom of the launcher is the menu with five labels: four of them can be customized, label the fifth - in the center - designed to display a menu with all applications installed on the smartphone. Swipe from the bottom up additional screen displays the effect of blurring the middle control point. There placed buttons Airplane, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, adjust the screen brightness, etc.

The development of the launcher for Android is consistent with the new strategy for Microsoft, which is based in reaching the widest possible audience of mobile users. Therefore, the corporation has become more active to produce software for third-party platforms - iOS and Android, - the share of which is ten times greater than that of Windows Mobile.

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