Thursday, October 29, 2015

Miitomo is the first Nintendo game for iPhone

Mitomo is the first Nintendo game for the iPhone, the Japanese company announced last night during its launch in March 2015 in the Apple App Store, the title of one of the most popular being developed for its consoles.

Mitomo will be available for free download and will provide in-app purchase sites that will enable certain add-ons for users, the main aim being to allow the creation of avatars virtual Thousands sites that can communicate with each other in the world virtual game.

Mitomo is thought by Nintendo as a game meant to them in courage people to communicate with each other and to share diverse information more or less intimate with each other, the game managed to help some Japanese to communicate easily through a virtual world.

Although we are only in October, the company Nintendo says that delaying the launch until March 2016 is based on a desire to help the future users to understand exactly what the purpose Miitomo so they will know exactly what to do in it before the download.

In conclusion, Nintendo has introduced its long-awaited and highly anticipated first smartphone app, called Miitomo, but pushed back the release date to the spring of next year. The title is a new franchise for the company– first of five smartphone apps Nintendo plans to release by March 2017. 

To be honest, I think a game that should be explained in detail users not thought about it from the very beginning, people at Nintendo will invest serious amounts of money to promote it, so it remains to be seen how successful will he early next year.

Apart from Mitomo company Nintendo will launch another 4 games in the App Store until March 2017 and of course that would not signal his name them, but we'll probably talk about some really interesting titles.

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