Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Out iOS 9 jailbreak Pangu 1.2 with bug fixes and new Cydia

A group of Chinese hackers Pangu released an updated jailbreak tool for iOS 9. The Pangu version with serial number 1.2 major release fixes some bugs and adds the latest build of Cydia, which is installed on the device after jailbreaking.

In mid-October came the first update Pangu. Available on Windows-based PC tool allows you to jailbreak any iPhone and iPad, supporting this version of the OS. Experienced application users, however, continued to complain about the problem - the frequent cases of runaway program.

Update Pangu 1.1 was designed to eliminate bugs that prevent the commission of the jailbreak. The program also now has a re-jailbreak - repeated hacking devices that have been updated through iTunes. The developers Pangu 1.2 Fixed some bugs in the interface settings and added the latest build of Cydia. Similar fixes implemented in the package «Pangu 9.0.x Untether» - it is loaded via the jailbreak store on already jailbroken devices.

Changes in the Pangu 1.2:

  • The assembly includes the latest version of Cydia, which fixed a bug that prevents the work of a number of functions of the mobile Safari.
  • Fixed infinite indicator under preferences -> Storage iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage.
Run jailbreak iOS 9-9.0.2 possible following the instructions below. Just as with previous releases of Pangu, the procedure is performed "in one click". Guide to Jailbreak iOS 9 on Windows can be found on this page, Mac owners can use this instruction. In iOS 9.1 Apple has blocked the work of Pangu.

Download Pangu 1.2 to jailbreak for iOS 9 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at this link [mirror].