Thursday, October 22, 2015

Problems after installing iOS 9.1

After installing iOS 9.1 Problems have not met yet, this version of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sites seemed to be the most stable of all those released by Apple so far.

Problems after installing iOS 9.1 have not seen reported by a good part of those who installed the update for iDevice's, a lot of people are interested in this update intermediary who theoretically would have to make significant changes, but did .

iOS 9.1 was mainly thought by Apple to resolve issues iDevice running of enterprises, implementation of new features Apple being one of the priorities, and this is understandable even list published changes last night.

Problems after installing iOS 9.1

Moreover, if iOS 9 was released with many issues related to the performance of terminals, application usage, failure to activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other connectivity features, plus various other problems, iOS 9.1 seems to have so a problem.

In past years x.1 for iOS updates were designed to implement new functions, these updates are offered to us mainly iPads this year only iPad Pro is launched by those in Cupertino in November, but the rest iDevice- SMEs will have important new functions.

That said, what problems after installing iOS 9.1 you had?