Saturday, October 10, 2015

Self-healing Case for iPhone 6s solve the problem of scratches [video]

Just Mobile company introduced a line of covers for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, coated with a special paint that can independently remove superficial scratches. Accessories are available now on the website of the manufacturer.

Special paint case, known as J | M TEC, has two layers: a polycarbonate core and the upper elastic. When small scratches latter is not broken, as in the case with a conventional ink and is deformed. Later, under the pressure of an elastic bottom layer of the upper layer takes the old "flat" shape and visual impression that the scratch "delayed."

J | M TEC made from a flexible impact-resistant thermoplastic material, which is usually used for the manufacture of automotive parts such as instrument panel or grille. Accessory already went into production and is available for order on the manufacturer's website. In a promotional video Just Mobile demonstrates the ability of the accessory to the "self-healing" with a bronze brush weighing 1 kg.

A few years ago, LG has released a smartphone LG G Flex, which in addition to the curved display was self healing plastic housing. Just a few minutes on the phone scratches disappear as if they never existed, whereas the surface of the other devices under the same operating conditions is unlikely to have the same form.

Deliveries J | M TEC has already begun. Cost model for the iPhone 6s will be 25 euros for iPhone 6s Plus - 30 euros.

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