Monday, October 26, 2015

SteelConnect, the ultimate gadget for Apple Pencil

When Apple launched last September, with his usual enthusiasm, stylus, called Apple Pencil, he did not notice an important detail: where it is assumed that should the device when not in use. That is why a company dedicated to the design of accessories for smart watches has found the key to this issue and has designed the ultimate gadget to have a place to leave the Apple Pencil when not in use.

The Quarter, so called the company of which we speak, he has invented and developed a device that provides a solution to this small but, at the same time, major problem. The solution that has launched is called SteelConnect and is a pen that connects to iPad Pro, so you can put in it our Apple Pencil, use it as a dock to keep the stylus in the correct position and avoid so we miss our pointer while charging elsewhere.

Apple users are used to the company based in Cupertino offers us perfectly designed products and those who have thought about all the details, but the introduction of a stylus for use with the iPad Pro means a break in this idea. The pencils are easily lost and Apple has not thought, at the time of launch, a truly effective solution to place our Apple Pencil our iPad when we move. To make matters worse, the new Apple Pencil, accompanying our iPad Pro if we want, we will cost the not inconsiderable amount of $ 99. How Apple has not thought to avoid that a device is lost so expensive?

The company plans to launch the new Steel Connect back in December. It is fully compatible with the Apple tablet and charger too, as this would attached to iPad directly through our SteelConnect.