Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The first Nintendo games for iOS occur tomorrow

The first Nintendo games will launch in iOS App Store tomorrow and on various other platforms, the famous company is finally ready to offer its securities on various mobile terminals around the globe.

For now it is unclear what games will launch company Nintendo platforms iOS or Android tomorrow, but we know from the beginning of this year some of the most popular titles of his will be ported out own platforms, so sure we will have something good trying.

After years in which Nintendo has focused exclusively on its platform for games, the company is now trying to get new revenues from porting its games on other platforms being developed by engineers Japanese, so we should have some of the best quality.

Until March 2017 the company Nintendo will launch seven games own platforms iOS and Android, without specifying and what headlines will be about, so it remains to see tomorrow what we can buy, the games will be sold in stores, not developed based on freemium model.

Nintendo Co. is set to unveil its first videogame for smartphones on Thursday, a day after weaker-than-expected financial results underscored the company’s need to develop new business to support its struggling console operations.

The new CEO of Nintendo declined to provide details about what today will provide his company starting tomorrow, so just after the publication of press releases on the availability of game we know what will be offered and at what price.

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