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Top 10 repositories Cydia for iOS 9 - 9.0.2 [revision 2015]

Apple continues to develop iOS, adding new features and functionality of the missing, but the number of users who do not want to be tied to the source solution, not diminishing. Collective Intelligence jailbreak community is not bound framework App Store, generates the most innovative and promising solutions.

IOS users explainable driven by the desire to have access to alternative sources. The non-store Cydia available some useful repositories. Add new very easy - just open the program Sources section, click Edit, and specify the address of the repository.

Today, in our review of the top 10 third-party repositories with the most interesting additions. For most of these tweaks and people are willing to modify their iPhone and iPad using jailbreak.

Repository Ryan Petrich

Ryan Petrich - the most famous in the jailbreak community developer informal application for iOS. He has created tools like Activator, DisplayRecorder and OverBoard. And as any developer for iOS, it has its own repository, in which he lays out the test version of its software.

Address -

Repository iCleaner Pro

In the process of downloading and using the application on the iPhone and iPad are changes at the system level. And not always these changes positively affect the performance of the operating system. To increase the efficiency of gadgets designed to iCleaner Pro. It is a powerful software package with the power to clean up the operating system from the "garbage".

Address - (stable)

Address - (beta)

Repository Karen Pineapple

Karen or angelXwind - also known in the jailbreak community developer. She released a number of decisions for the fans of old school consoles. Appreciate above all lovers of the original Duke Nukem, Mario and other popular characters and toys. In addition, you can find a repository Developer tweaks AppSync Unified, SafariSaver, PreferenceOrganizer 2 and IneffectivePower.

Address -

Forty Six & Two Repo

This resource also provides several useful add-ons, including Hapticle. This add-on mimics the old iPhone operation mode linear actuator Taptic Engine on iPhone 6s.

Address -

HASHBANG Productions

Many repositories collect development, expanding the functionality of iOS. Repository HASHBANG - visual repository of add-ons. With their help, you can change the design, animation and some interface elements iOS. Among the solutions that are compatible with iOS 9, can be called StoreAlert, MapsOpener, DailyPaper and BrightVol.

Address -

Repository iMokhles

This source can be found jailbreak tweak Reveal Menu, which plays on the gadget feature 3D Touch. Enough reasons to add this repository in Cydia.

Address -

CP Digital Darkroom Repo

If you think it unfair that the multi-mode is only available on the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro, then the repository for you. Here you can find jailbreak extension of Medusa, which allows you to transfer all the multitasking capabilities iPad on officially unsupported devices. Benefits multiscreen mode flagship tablet become available in other models - the old iPad, such as the first iPad Air, iPad mini 3 and even iPad 2/3/4 and iPad mini first and second generation. Moreover, these tweaks this feature can also be used on the iPhone.

Address -

Developer Philip Wong

Philip Wong - known name in the jailbreak environment. He was one of the first to support the release of jailbreak for иос 9 updated and the popular jailbreak addon Speed Intensifier to accelerate animation on the iPhone and the iPad.

Address -

Repository F.lux

Here is the tweak, which is designed to reduce eye strain and preserve vision by working with iPhone and iPad. F.lux changes the color temperature of the screen according to the time of day (with a warm night to normal during the day). Set the desired settings for day and night time and tweak will automatically adjust the temperature of the display iOS-device.

Address -

Repository CoolStar

Repository - an excellent source of new software developments and applications. Here you can find a number of solutions to work with the command line, as well as a useful add-in to record screencasts RecordMyScreen. Video is written in MP4 format at up to 30 frames per second. The main difference from the tweak Screen Recorder - free of charge, and support for hardware acceleration of encoding.

Address -

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