Sunday, October 25, 2015

Top 20 best tweaks for iOS 9

Regardless of whether you are a supporter jailbreak or an ardent opponent, no doubt that you will be interested to know about the best tweaks that could add new functionality familiar iPhone or iPad. We bring you the top 20 jailbreak apps available on iOS 9 devices.

3D Touch to Clear Notifications - one of the tweaks that offer experience first hand all the charm of 3D Touch. This add-in adds a new function associated with the Center for notifications. Like Apple Watch, you can one-click to clear all the accumulated alerts. TWIC is available for free in the repository BigBoss. Note: The implementation of the stated functionality is available only on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Cylinder - the most popular and interesting analogy Barrel, allowing to change the way you scroll through desktops iOS. In the last update the developers have added support for iOS 9 and supplemented it with a number of new features, offering users new animation transitions and additional control methods. Download free from BigBoss.

Shortcuts - a relatively new tweak in Cydia. It works with iOS 9, adding new capabilities to simulate 3D Touch display on older iPhone. Do you want to try out the "Quick Steps» iPhone 6s? For it will not have to lay out $ 700. To thank the developers of $ 0.99 and download the tweak in the BigBoss.

MyWi 9 - one of the most expensive in the vast jailbreak tweaks catalog. Renewed application was completely rewritten for compatibility with iOS 9. In addition, the program will create an access point and Internet broadcasts, providing reliable WEP-encryption. MyWi much more functional normal mode modem. The utility allows you to configure the channels Wi-Fi, keeps records of received / sent megabytes, battery usage statistics, shows the details for each connected device. In addition, the application allows you to manage settings DHCP. Find MyWi 9 can be a repository ModMyi, application developers are asking for $ 19.99.

Snapper - another very interesting tweak for the iPhone and iPad. Snapper for productive work with screenshots. Due to the special mechanism of the application software allows you to capture the desired screen area and then, edit images, send them via e-mail or iMessage. Implementation of like working with pen in smartphones Galaxy Note. The program is available in the BigBoss $ 0.99.

ClassicFolders - oldest tweak in Cydia, released after the release of iOS 7. The program cost $ 1.99 on iOS brings a new design in the style of iOS 6 folders.

Priority Hub - commonly known tweak, update to support iOS 9. If you like the BlackBerry 10 mobile platform and some of its features, you do not have to look in stores Canadian unit - there are more practical solution. With unofficial add-anyone can try one of the most interesting "features» BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone. Released this development programmer Toman Finch.

Incognito Messages allows you to communicate through different messengers, not allowing the other person to see what you are typing a message. The updated version for iOS 9 has extended functionality and a user-friendly interface.

TetherMe - Another tweak that allows you to use the iPhone as an access point Wi-Fi, in the case of the tariff plan does not support this option. Rassharivat Wi-Fi via USB and supports VPN. It is worth $ 4.99 in the repository BigBoss.

Eclipse 3 beta allows you to change the appearance of iOS 9 by turning the black theme. Usually at night is much more comfortable to observe the screen dark background rather than white, which abounds in iOS. Free tweak available in the repository

With 3G Unrestrictor 5 and switched mode 3G / LTE, you can use the various features of iOS 9, accessible only via Wi-Fi. For example, download large apps from the App Store, watching YouTube-videos in HD-quality, save backups in iCloud. Repository to load standard - BigBoss.

Watusi. Tweek offers users disable notifications for WhatsApp interlocutors you set the text or read their messages. Available all misanthropy at a price of $ 1.99 in the BigBoss.

Virtual Home - great tweak to work with the scanner Touch ID. According to the authors superstructure simple touch of a iPhone main button can be used to perform system actions, and not only to unlock or payments in online stores Apple. Tap it once to return to the home screen; tap and hold a few seconds to bring up the multitasking bar. For design, thanks to the Virtual Home users will not only effectively harness the power of iPhone, but will extend the life of the button "Home". Instead, the user clicks will only touch the button. Download is possible in the BigBoss repository for $ 1.49.

F.lux - a popular add-on that allows you to adapt the color temperature of the display to the ambient light. You no longer have to squint your eyes from screen color while using the iPhone or iPad in the evening. According to the developers, it allows you to save vision. Repository for download:

LocationFaker - a kind of proxy for the deception of satellites GPS. Allows your virtual alter-ego, find yourself anywhere in the world. This is especially significant when registering on foreign services, which require the immediate presence of, for example, in the United States. However, for the pleasure will have to pay - $ 2.99. The repository BigBoss.

Barrel - this tweak mentioned above. With it, you can change the appearance of the "scroll" home screens, add a variety of animation when scrolling or opening applications. The developers have taken care of its users and update the program for iOS 9. Find Barrel can be BigBoss for $ 2.99.

Guest Mode - After setting the Guest Mode owners gadgets can at any time activate the guest mode. In this mode, the device prevents access to photos, SMS, iMessage, your browsing history in the browser and the phone calls and other personal information. The owner of the smartphone and tablet Apple gadget can transfer at the disposal of other users, without fear for the confidentiality of the data. From now on, the app works with iOS and 9, and you can download it in the BigBoss $ 0.99.

CCQuick Pro - a great tweak that adds new functionality to the control room. Instead of making a double-click on the Home button to call up the panel, it is now sufficient to make a "swipe up" from the bottom edge of the screen. In addition to the standard control point buttons and sliders will last icons of running applications. Available in the BigBoss repository for $ 2.99.

Volume Amplifier - recently updated to support iOS 9 tweak. With it you can increase the volume level of the front speaker during a phone call without disrupting the dynamics of this operation unit and the maximum cost-consuming battery life. The BigBoss repository tweak costs $ 1.99.

NCSettings - a simple but highly useful tweak that appeared in Cydia in the days iOS 8. Its installation brings additional switches in the control room. It offers a number of different switches. Downloading absolutely free BigBoss.