Wednesday, October 7, 2015

When the iPhone starts to go hard?

Annually users began to complain that their iPhone starts going hard and repeatability of these complaints prompted a US company statistics to analyze the moments when these complaints began to "run" on the internet.

As perhaps some of you have guessed already, when Apple launches a new version of iPhone users began to complain due to the fact that their old terminals iPhone start going hard, and from there shoot each exactly what conclusion they want.

Whether it's a psychological problem, whether we are talking about a reduction in performance deliberate from Apple or inability to run quickly new versions of operating systems, it is clear that iPhones old go harder on major releases's new iOS .

If you were to ask me I would say that it's all in how they are run animations in iOS operating system, Apple increasing the time required to display an animation on old terminals and dropping it on the new ones.

This change creates the impression that the terminals old performing more poorly than new ones, and this is perfectly valid for iPhones older than two years, but not in those launched just a year ago by Apple company.

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