Sunday, November 22, 2015

American bought a rare copy iPad Pro silver with a gold ring Touch ID [video]

In the autumn of this year, Apple introduced its biggest tablet - iPad Pro. Recently, the device went on sale, and in our country, the cost was extremely high. But one of the first users who are not confused by the price of the device, became the owner of a rare instance of an unusual combination of colors.

Colours 12.9-inch iPad Pro is no different from the usual combinations of all of the iPhone and iPad, where there is a fingerprint Touch ID. Silver iPad Pro is equipped with a silver ring Touch ID, the model in the color "gray space" dark ring. A similar situation with gold modifications, where the color fringing Touch ID matches the body color iPad Pro.

However, a resident of Ohio, known in its web as surfnsoul24, became the owner of an unusual instance of mixed flowers. When he opened the box with silver iPad Pro, I saw that ring Touch ID he has a golden hue. User contact support at Apple, where he was informed that he was faced with a rare production errors, to eliminate that should be replaced by iPad in the near Apple Store.

First, the buyer unique iPad Pro decided to leave the device itself. Production failure does not interfere with the device, and looks like a combination of silver and gold quite nicely. But after his story sparked interest on the Internet, I decided to put the gadget on eBay. Starting bid at auction was $ 1079.

Earlier this week, there were complaints of the owners of iPad Pro that you charge the device does not respond to any action. The problem applies to all models with firmware iOS 9.1. It is unclear whether the reason is the software or hardware. However, some users feel that they have a failure after they made backup restore from iCloud.

Apple acknowledged the existence of the problem at the iPad Pro. The company published a post on its website, in the technical support section, noting that working on a fix. As a workaround, users are asked to
perform a forced restart by holding the button "Power" and "Home" at the same time.

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