Wednesday, November 25, 2015

App Drawer: tweak for quick access to applications in the style of Android [Cydia]

If you like the style of the icons on Android, but you prefer a mobile platform Apple, you should pay attention to the new application in Cydia. Change the way of watching games and applications for iPhone using the App Drawer.

App Drawer - unofficial add-on for devices with jailbreak. In essence, this application is in the dock iOS, which opens an endless menu of all installed applications in alphabetical order.

It's amazing how App Drawer fits well into the structure of iOS. The application icon appears in the center of the docking bar and provides new opportunities for interaction with the software installed. Tweak allows you to remove the application and add frequently used bookmarks.

For those who can not keep track of all downloaded applications on your iPhone, App Drawer will be a great addition to iOS. Tweak available in Cydia and will cost $ 1.99. Unfortunately, App Drawer is not compatible with the iPad.

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