Thursday, November 5, 2015

Apple has patented the "panic button" for iPhone

Unexpected situations can happen to anyone, and often, getting to them can be confused, not knowing what to do. New Apple patent describes a special mode of operation of the scanner Touch ID, which activates a special mode of the iPhone and iPad in the event of an emergency.

The function is programmed to a specific finger and in the case of touching them to the biometric module gadget will perform a series of actions. For example, if a person tried to take away the device, just touch the fingerprint scanner and smart block access to personal data.

For the "panic button" provides several options. For example, you can specify that when activated will automatically turn on the camera, sound recording and transmission of data in order to rescue promptly received information about the incident.

Patent, there are other examples of operation mode. For example, iPhone can transmit information about the emergency to other devices to connect to the internet (if disabled), include cameras, microphones, GPS-module, and transmit data to the emergency services. For every finger you can create your own mode and configure the list of running it functions.

For example, when you touch the Touch ID to certain pre-specified finger contacts can send notifications about the incident with the indication of GPS-coordinates, speed and direction of motion of a person in distress, and audio broadcast will start happening. Contact, receive notifications, can exchange information in the general chat. It does not require any additional confirmations, iPhone also does not outwardly show activity.

In order to accomplish all of the above steps, before iPhone users would take at least 5 minutes. Thanks to the "alarm button» Apple, it can be done in just a fraction of a second.

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