Thursday, November 19, 2015

Apple told what to do, if the iPad Pro turned into a "brick" after charging

The first buyers of the tablet iPad Pro began to report serious failure, which affects all model. The forum of technical support for Apple users complain that when the gadget to charge overnight or at least a few hours, then it ceases to respond to user actions, and the screen remains black. Apple acknowledged the fact of failure and issued instructions on what to do if the tablet stops responding.

According to Apple, the solution to this problem is to force reboot iPad Pro, which is carried out while holding the buttons "home" and "sleep" for 10 seconds. The device starts completely normally and correctly displays the battery charge. The company emphasizes that this is a temporary solution. «Apple knows about the problem and exploring the causes," - said on its website.

Users on the network offer another solution: transfer iPad Pro in the charging period in Airplane. It is assumed that the problem is caused by the back up to iCloud, which is activated when connecting the gadget to charge, so another way to solve the problem - disable backups.

Some users have reported between problem occurs even after changing to a new iPad Pro.

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