Sunday, November 8, 2015

Apple TV hacked: Introducing TVOS Browser

Undoubtedly, the last renovation of Apple TV is great. Many users have left us with an open mouth with this new world of possibilities opens before us, especially with the App Store included, from which the options have become endless. However, one of the drawbacks that many people have not hesitated to bring about the team was the inability of the device to surf the Internet via a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Now, after several days of waiting and as often happens with all the gadgets from Apple, the Apple TV hacked is a reality.

Steven Troughton Smith is one of those mavericks developers looking to see how far we can get one of these "toys". Like most times, companies in some way or another, castrate their devices, providing them with far fewer features than they could really offer the end user, and this is where Steven has been investigating to bring tvOSBrowser, the Internet browser Apple should have included in the latest model of Apple TV and not included.

By using a private API, the developer was able to run a simple web browser, but fully functional in the operating system of Apple TV, the TVOS. To navigate from him just have to use the remote control, which function as a normal mouse cursor. Also, some buttons on the remote control Apple TV also perform other functions such as back page using the menu button and enter URLs with the play button.


Apple's opinion regarding the use of private APIs is very strict, and it is not like that the applications available in the App Store or any other means use them. However, if the draft tvOSBrowser reach a successful conclusion, getting the support of users, maybe Apple the possibility of incorporating a Web browser in future versions of the system arises. Because if you think about it, listening to users and paying attention to projects that is how one builds up a reputation.  

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